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Roger Elley-Brown's wealth of insight and experience as a gifted and highly professional supervisor and counsellor has been one of the great gifts to my life as a person and minister. His capacity to listen deeply, and to provide wise counsel at times of pressure and to address the difficult stuff of life is something I would not have missed over these last ten years. 

Gareth Walters, Vicar St George's Anglican Church, Epsom


Roger provided dedicated, profesional help to our ministry candidates at PCANZ. His wisdom, care, diligence, and insight are much appreciated in the selection of ministry candidates. 

Ruth New, PCANZ


Roger is an experienced and highly qualified counsellor and psychotherapist to whom I have referred many clients over the years. He is a highly resourced counsellor who is very skilful with more complex issues and challenges particularly in work with couples. I have received consistent feedback about both his effectiveness as a counsellor and about his depth of care for his clients.

Richard Charmley, Counsellor