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Frequently asked questions: Why do people come to therapy?

Updated: Nov 5, 2019

There are numerous reasons that people arrive at my door for a counselling session.

But if I was to sum it up, to provide a bit of an overview of why people come to see me, then it would be that something is causing them pain. Emotional pain. Psychological pain; and this pain troubles them in such a way that they are impelled to seek help via what I call a ‘talking cure’ (more on this later).

So, this pain that they experience is from a cause. The cause might be a relationship. I do a lot of relationship work. And that relationship might be with their own partner; it might be with a colleague or manager at work; or a family member, and this family member might still be around or may have died. Very often the pain can be from a past hurt.

Often people struggle to break free from old messages and behaviours, and from painful memories.

Or it also can be because of a loss and the grief associated with that loss.

However, most people come because there is one thing that is troubling them, and often there is a whole lot in their life that is not. But something is out of whack, is slightly skewed, and this is the thing that presents.

This is what we begin our conversation on.

The pain that has brought them to therapy.

Roger Elley-Brown

Elley-Brown Consultants

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